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NCEAFCS Membership Information

NCEAFCS is an affiliate organization of NEAFCS – National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Membership is open to any North Carolina Cooperative Extension employee holding a professional appointment who has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and who works in any capacity with Family and Consumer Sciences programming in counties, area, and/or state. An individual who is eligible for membership may become an active member of the Association on payment of annual dues.

Active Members

The current annual dues for active membership in NCEAFCS can be found in Policies and Procedures under the section of Finances. Individual district associations usually add an additional amount to support various district determined projects and expenses. Check with the district treasurer for the amount of total dues. NCEAFCS membership form is available as a PDF file on our web site.

All dues should be submitted by the district treasurer to the state treasurer no later than November 15th of each year. If an member resigns before January 1, the national and state dues will be refunded for that upcoming year. Request must be in writing to the district treasurer who will in turn submit written request to the state treasurer.

New active members should complete the New Member Application form located on the NEAFCS Web site and submit it with your dues. You must be an active NEAFCS member by Feb 1 to apply for any State or National awards or hold office.

Life Members

NEAFCS (National Life Members)

To qualify for life membership, you must have been an active or affiliate member of NEAFCS for at least 5 years and have retired, resigned or otherwise have become ineligible for active or associate membership. Should you ever re-enter the extension service, you will be required to resume active membership status and pay annual dues. However, you will not be re-assessed the life membership fee should you again leave the extension service.

The one-time fee for Life Membership is $180 (three times active member dues). The Life Membership fee DOES NOT include annual subscriptions to NEAFCS publications. The subscription fee for NEAFCS publications is currently $10/calendar year. If you wish to subscribe to NEAFCS publications, you may include your first year’s subscription with your Life Membership fee.

Make the check payable to NEAFCS, complete the NEAFCS application form and mail to the current state president.

National Life members shall be granted the following rights and privileges: receive awards, fellowshipsand grants; may serve on committees;and may serve as national voting delegates as selected by the National Executive Board. Retired members are not eligible to hold an office.

NCEAFCS (State Life Members)

Any former Extension employee who has been a member of the State Association for at least 5 years, upon retirement or disability, will be granted State life membership upon payment of a one-time fee as described in Policies and Procedures section of the bylaws. Currently the amount is equal to the total of 1 year’s district, state and national dues.

A State life member will receive all state and district communications and may serve on committees, except as State Chair. State Life members may vote, but not hold office(other than serving as the State Life Member Representative on the State Executive Board). They are eligible to receive awards and fellowships.

Mail State Life dues, with check made payable to your district association, to your district treasurer along with the application for state life membership.